The Clerk of Court is the chief election official for the parish. The Clerk is the custodian of the voting machines and is responsible for training those who work at the polls on election day. Anyone interested in becoming a poll worker(commissioner) should contact the Clerk of Court.

Election returns are available for viewing during tabulation at www.sos.louisiana.gov or www.geauxvote.com. Click on Elections and then select Elections Returns Database. You can view statewide races, parish returns and amendments. You may also see a list of state and local elected officials and the schedule of upcoming elections.

Elections Fraud Hotline
Complaints of election irregularities, including voter fraud and abuse, vote buying and threats to disrupt or inhibit the election process can be reported to the Elections Compliance Unit at (800) 722-5305 or (225) 342-4479.

Also, try the GeauxVote Mobile phone app. Information available on mobile devices includes voter registration information, voter districts information, and information about upcoming elections, view your ballot and election results.

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