Civil / Probate

Any divorce, collection, damage suit, small claim, expropriation, succession, tutorship or other civil litigation filed in Sabine Parish may be found in this department. Cases are indexed by party name and date.

Below, you will find the advance costs schedule and an itemized breakdown of court costs
pursuant to La.R.S. 13:841 (Act 243 of 2006)

*Any litigant may file a request in writing to obtain an explanation of charges in his/her case.
*Any litigant may file a written dispute of charges in his/her case.
*Any such written request should be mailed to: Sabine Parish Clerk of Court, P.O. Box 419, Many, LA 71449
*Please specify the Docket # and charges in question.

{Please provide a SASE for return of copies, receipts, etc.}

Civil Advanced Deposit
Title Fee Description Fee Price
Adoptions $350.00
Clerk's Docket Suit $250.00
Curator Fee $150.00
Each Additional Defendant $75.00
Garnishment Petition $250.00
Interdictions $450.00
Judgment Debtor Rule $150.00
Mandamus Suits $350.00
Motion for Summary Judgment $150.00
New Suit $350.00
Rule to Show Cause $150.00
Small Successions <$75,000 $250.00
Subpoenas $75.00
Subsequent Petitions
Reconventional Demand
Third Party Demand
Supplemental Petition
Amended Petition
Successions $350.00
Tutorships $350.00
Civil Breakdown
Title Fee Description Fee Price
Act of Congress/Exemplified Certificate $5.00
Administering Oath
per Witness
per Juror
Appeals per page $5.00
Battered Women's Shelter Fee RS 13:998 $10.00
Certified Copy
Conformed Copy
Copy Per Page
Court Attendance per session $20.00
Fax Confirmation Certificate $15.00
Fax Filed Pleading +pleading costs $5.00
File Pleadings: Civil, Probate, etc.
First Page
Each additional page
Paper exhibits per page
All other exhibits
Indexing Each Name $2.00
Initialization Fee $20.00
Issuing document:
With Notice
Without Notice
Jamis Fee RS 13:841.1 $1.50 per party
Judges Supplemental Fee RS 13:10.3 $24.50 Eff. 7/1/2017
Judicial College Fee RS 13:841.3 .50 per suit
Judicial Commitments RS 28:54 $125.00
Judicial Expense Fund RS 13:996.58 $15.00
Jury Bond $7,500.00
Jury Filing Fee $150.00
Minute Entries $5.00
Postage & Special Carrier Actual Costs
Small Successions Estate value less than $75,000 1/2 actual cost

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